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What are RescueRewards?
RescueRewards is Bulldog Depot's rewards program for frequent shoppers, Meetup guests and anyone who supports of our Featured Rescue organizations by making a donation. You are automatically enrolled in our RescueRewards program when you register with us and you begin earning points (the equivalent of 5% of every dollar spent or donated) starting with your first purchase or donation. (see program Terms & Conditions)
Where can I see how many points I have?
You can check your RescueRewards point balance at My Account>My Rewards
When can I start redeeming my points?
You can begin redeeming your rewards points once you have 100 points in your account. Points can be redeemed for any merchandise in our store, Meetup event admission tickets, a food purchase from our KibbleClub (registered members only) or for a donation to any 501(c)3 animal welfare organization in the U.S. Points must be redeemed within one year from the date they are deposited into your account.
How do I redeem my points?
Step 1- Go to My Account>My Rewards. You can check your balance and enter the number of points you would like to redeem. This will create a gift certificate that will be waiting for you at checkout
Step 2-
  • If you are redeeming points for merchandise, tickets or food, go shopping and add those items to your cart
  • If you are redeeming your points for a donation to an animal welfare organization, please add the donation amount using the donation selector below. Your organization should be available in the drop down box if you have nominated them on past purchases from our store. Contact us at if your preferred group does not appear and you need us to add them.
Step 3- When you're done shopping, head to the checkout! You're rewards certificate will be automatically applied to your order. It's that easy!
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DONATION SELECTOR- Redeem Rewards For Your Favorite Rescue
DONATION SELECTOR- Redeem Rewards For Your Favorite Rescue
Our Price: $5.00

It you want to use your RescueRewards for a donation to a 501(c)3 animal welfare organization, you set up your instructions to us here and select Add To Cart. If you select a donation amount equal to the rewards you are redeeming you will not be billed anything on checkout but you still must complete the checkout process. You are free to donate more than your available reward point however your credit card will be billed for the additional donation amount.