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We scour the marketplace for toys and chews that can withstand the toughest chewers. While no toy is indestructible, we have found some great ones that are a challenge for even our most voracious Bulldog torture testers. All toys should be used with human supervision.
Bionic Pet Toys Bulldog Depot Select Elk Antlers
Bionic Pet Toys- Super durable chew toys with the signature orange color
Bulldog Depot Select Elk Antlers- Hand selected premium antlers from Wisconsin.
Jolly Pet KONG
Jolly Pet- Sturdy and intuitive toys for your best friend
KONG- Dogs and their owners choose the original KONG toys because they’re fun.
Multipet International Petstages
Multipet International- The premier award-winning  pet products designer and importer in the United States.
Petstages- Innovative and safe toys for your pet
Play Strong
Play Strong- Heavy weight toys  that feature a unique, durable rubber/TPR formulation