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The Sonoma County Animal Shelter is committed to serving the public in the care and well being of animals, both domestic and livestock, throughout the unincorporated areas of Sonoma County, the city of Santa Rosa and the town of Windsor. The Shelter is operated by Sonoma County Animal Care and Control, a division of the Department of Health Services.

The Shelter offers such diverse services as finding homes for adoptable animals, providing shelter for stray animals, offering assistance to owners and finders of lost animals, providing limited veterinary care, and maintaining pet licensing. In addition, the Shelter sponsors various community education and outreach programs throughout the year. The Shelter's field services include rescue and care of injured or distressed animals, rabies control, investigation of reports of animal abuse and neglect, and the enforcement of animal regulation laws and ordinances.

In addition to its on-site and field personnel, the Shelter is assisted by the efforts of our volunteers who work with the animals in our care and participate in various education and fundraising programs.

We hope to feature this California group soon but in the meantime you can learn more about their great work at http://www.sonoma-county.org/shelter/index.htm