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The Puppy Mill Project educates the public at community events and schools handing out literature, spreading the message about puppy mill cruelty and provides age-based interactive lectures and presentations. Ninety Nine percent (99%) of all pet store puppies are puppy mill puppies. Most people are unaware of this. TPMP is changing that fact. By lessening the demand for these dogs, we will in effect lower the puppy mills’ profits. TPMP has several programs that are designed to encourage consumers to explore adoption and to shop at pet stores who have moved to the “humane model.”

Community Events

The Puppy Mill Project participates in countless community events throughout the Chicago land area. These events include festivals, expos, and community gatherings. With a table full of educational information, adoption and rescue information, TPMP is armed with statistics and the hard truth. Combined with graphic photos and videos of mills and mill rescues from around the country it becomes clear why puppy mill dogs need our help. The volunteer team is able to answer specific questions and encourages new supporters to spread the word. Education is the key to ending the suffering, and the method in which mill dogs’ voices might be heard.

Peaceful Protests

Since its inception in 2009, The Puppy Mill Project has held weekly demonstrations at pet stores throughout the Chicago land area. Peaceful protests help to raise awareness and educate the public about our mission. We have been, and continue to be, the driving force that lead to the closing of several pet stores. TPMP was instrumental in persuading a town board to block the start up of a new one. Just this past year The Puppy Mill Project’s voice was heard loud and clear at The Glen as the town board decided against supporting a pet store in their retail square.

Join us and make your voice heard. Make a difference to end puppy mill cruelty. Use our Contact page to get in touch.

Bulldog Depot will be doing a full feature on The Puppy Mill Project in the coming months. In the meantime, stay on top of their great work at www.thepuppymillproject.org.