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The Tulsa SPCA was founded in 1913 by a group of volunteers dedicated to the welfare of animals. Tulsa SPCA is a community supported rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption agency for animals in the Greater Tulsa Area, and provides education to the public.

The Tulsa SPCA served as Tulsa’s only non-government animal rescue and adoption program in Tulsa until the 1950s. It was founded during a meeting in a concerned Tulsan’s home mainly to help homeless dogs and cats and to protect against abuse of draft animals used to do tilling on farms and heavy work in the mines and oil fields.

Tulsa SPCA’s current shelter on Mohawk Boulevard between Lewis and Harvard avenues has been the organization’s home since the main building and a few dog runs were donated in approximately 1946 by H. O. McClure, a founder of Fourth National Bank of Tulsa. The current shelter sits on a seven-acre parcel which was acquired during the Depression and originally had only one small building.